CW Green Laser Family


  • Highly stabel over more than 10 hours of CW operation
  • Excellent power-up repeatability
  • Small, customisable space envelope
  • Fibre coupled option available


Wavelength:532 +/- 0.4nm
Output Power (customer specified)
10mW - 15mW
15mW - 20mW
CW High Power:Up to 500mW
Spatial Mode:TEM00
Polarization:>100:1 vertical (non-polarised version available)
Beam Roundness:>95%
Beam Diameter at Exit Aperture @ 1/e2:<1mm (power dependent)
Linewidth (FWHM):<0.12nm
Beam Divergence:<1mrad
Beam Pointing Stability:<0.02mrad
Long-term Power Stability
(10 hours of continuous operation), Typical:
Noise Level to 100MHz (rms):<0.4%
Warm-up Time:<3 minutes
Static Alignment Tolerances
Beam Position Referenced to Base:
Beam Exit Angle Referenced to Base:
+/- 0.3mm
<1mrad (on request)
Operating Volatage:5V DC +/- 10%
Maximum Power Consumption
Laser Head:
Digital Controller:
max 10W
Operating Temperature:15C - 40C
Storage Temperature:-20C - +70C
Laser Head Dimensions (LxWxH):2 options: 120mm x 50mm x 35mm or 72mm x 46mm x 34mm
Laser Controller Dimensions (LxWxH):2 options: 170mm x 120mm x 60mm or 102mm x 80mm x 30mm
Cable Length:750mm (other options available)
Laser Head Weight:180g
Controller Weight:230g
Cable Weight:100g