High Frequency Externally Modulated DPSS Green Laser System


  • Operational Modes: CW, Pulsed and Modulated
  • Modulation Frequency CW to 100MHz
  • Free to air or fibre coupled

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532nm Laser
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Output Power (customer specified):1mW - 20mW
Modulation Frequency:CW to 100MHz
Modulation Options:Internally generated waveform or external from pulse generator
Spatial Mode:TEM00
Polarization:>100:1 vertical
Beam Roundness:>95%
Beam Diameter at Exit Aperture @ 1/e2:<0.5mm
Beam Divergence:<1mrad
Beam Pointing Stability:<0.02mrad
Pulse to Pulse Power Stability:+/-1%
Warm-up Time:<5 minutes
Fibre Coupling:Available with pm, single mode and multi mode fibres