Laser Touch Sensor


  • Laser or SLD based system for the measurement of very low forces
  • Fibre optics sensor head
  • Suitable for being embedded with an operational component
  • Suitable for remote operation

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532nm Laser 532nm Laser
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Force Range Capabilities:5mN to 500mN
Sensor Head:Optical fibre pigtail, 125 microns diameter
Sample Rate:1KHz
Response Time:<1ms
Remote Operation:Sensor head and processing unit
could be placed 100m apart.
Data Logging Capability:Enabled
System Architecture:Sensor Head
Sensing Unit
Digital data logging unit
Computing and processing unit
Warm-up Time:<2 minutes
Operating Volatage:5V DC +/- 10%
Electrical Interface:3 wires
Maximum Power Consumption:typ. 5W
Operating Temperature:10C - 40C
Storage Temperature:-20C - +70C
Laser Safety Class:3a
Sensor Unit Dimensions (LxWxH):350mm x 250mm x 50mm